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We take direct action to improve Muslim community wellbeing

The ICV provides both advocacy and social welfare services while leading state and national initiatives on social cohesion through community consultation and advice to all forms of lead agencies.

We Provide

Advocacy Services

We Provide

Welfare Services

Effectively advocating to protect the Muslim communities rights

Programs helping improve the welfare of the Muslim community

Advocating For The Community Through:

  • Government
  • Peak Bodies
  • Faith Communities
  • Media
  • Public
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The Muslim Community

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  • 01. Representation

    Representation of Muslims in Victoria through advocacy, consultation and cooperation with governments, other faith communities, service providers, the media, and the general public.

  • 02. Promotion

    Promotion of an accurate, informed and positive understanding of Islam, Muslims, and issues important to Muslims.

  • 03. Advocacy

    Advocacy with respect to the civil rights of all Australians.

  • 04. Interfaith Dialogue

    Promotion of understanding, cooperation, tolerance and respect between all faiths.

Our Services

ICV City Mosque (Jeffcott St)

Daily Prayer Services

Member Society Engagement

Representation & Engagement


Protecting The Communities Rights

Interest Free Loans

Financial Relief To Those In Need

Family Violence Program

Educational Family Matters Service

Food Hamper Program

Food Relief To Families & Individuals

Hospital Chaplaincy Program

Supporting Those In Need

Prison & Youth Chaplaincy

Rehabilitating Individuals

Muslim Connect Program

Pre & Post Release Rehabilitation

My Vote Matters Program

Insight Into Political Positions

Scholarships Programs

Building Capacity & Support

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To protect and improve community wellbeing, the ICV supports all Victorian Muslims through our services.

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