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The Islamic Council of Victoria strives to foster and enable a vibrant Islamic Community where Muslims enrich society through the values of Islam

The ICV is the peak Muslim body in the state of Victoria representing an estimated 270,000 Muslims via 76 member societies representing over 100 diverse ethnic communities.

We offer both advocacy and social welfare services while leading state and national initiatives on social cohesion through community consultation and advice to all forms of lead agencies.

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Strategic Approach

Fulfilling Our Vision Through:

ICV Executive Board

Meet Our Executive Board Members

Adel Salman – President

Mohamed Mohideen – Vice President

Yusuf Zarani – Secretary

Milon Islam – Treasurer

Abdel Kareem Halabi – Exco Member

Andrew Gardiner – Exco Member

Inaz Janif – Exco Member

Sacir Lacevic – Exco Member

Sarah Baarini – Exco Member

Tris Mardiastuty – Exco Member

Strategic Approach

Fulfilling Our Vision

We aim to represent the interests and concerns of the community and is experienced in developing meaningful engagements, building strategic partnerships and aligning the delivery of our services to the Victorian Muslim communities.

ICV’s vision and purpose as a community sector leader is built on the foundation of a common humanity, transcending differences. Its commitment to creating a strong sense of belonging has led to an increasing respect for shared beliefs and values resulting in deeper connections within diverse communities.

  • 01. Representation

    Representation of Muslims in Victoria through advocacy, consultation and cooperation with governments, other faith communities, service providers, the media, and the general public.

  • 02. Promotion

    Promotion of an accurate, informed and positive understanding of Islam, Muslims, and issues important to Muslims.

  • 03. Advocacy

    Advocacy with respect to the civil rights of all Australians.

  • 04. Interfaith Dialogue

    Promotion of understanding, cooperation, tolerance and respect between all faiths.

  • 05. Empowerment

    Empowerment and encouragement of the Muslim community to continue to be actively, responsibly and positively integrated into mainstream Australian society.

  • 06. Welfare Services

    Provision of special services to improve the welfare of disadvantaged groups in the Muslim community.

  • 07. Capacity Development

    Development of capacity within the Muslim community in areas of expertise to facilitate this vision.

  • 08. Cooperation and Unity

    Facilitation of cooperation, unity, and positive working relationships within the Muslim community, and between the Muslim community and the broader community.

ICV Board Oct 2022 - Oct 2024

At the ICV AGM 2022, 6 ICV Executive Board Members were elected. Additionaly, 3 Executive Board Members were appointed.

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